Devens HHW
Devens Regional Household Hazardous Products Collection Center
Open to residents and pre-qualified businesses of member towns only:
Ashby - Ayer 
Bolton - Clinton - Devens - Groton - Harvard - Lancaster
Littleton Lunenburg 
Pepperell - Shirley Stow - Townsend

Please contact us for the acceptability of any items not listed or more than 25 gallons. Pricing below, subject to market changes.

What to bring ($) Other items accepted What not to bring
Aerosol Cans (if not empty)
Appliances ($)
Batteries: button & rechargeable (free)
Alkaline Batteries
Artist / Hobby Supplies & Glues Batteries: automotive & industrial lead acid (free) Ammunition
Chemical Fertilizers Electronics: TV, computer, monitor, most items with a cord ($) Asbestos (ask about small amounts)
Disinfectants Fluorescent bulbs ($) 
Bulky / Non-Hazardous Items
Drain Cleaners
Driveway sealers
Latex Paint ($) – can be treated as trash if completely dried Butane
Flea Collars / Control Products Mercury thermometers & thermostats (free) 
Commercial / Industrial Waste
Floor & Furniture Polishes Printer cartridges (ink & toner) (free) 
Compressed Gas Cylinders

Construction materials
Household Cleaners Empty Aerosol Cans
Insect Killers   Empty Containers
Lead Based Paints / Stain   Explosives
Lighter Fluid   Fire Extinguishers
Mothballs   Fireworks
Nail Polish & Removers   Infectious / Biological Waste
Oil Based Paints / Stains
  Needles / Syringes

Oven Cleaners   PCBs
Paints, Removers, & Thinners
  Prescription Medicines
Photo Chemicals
  Propane tanks
Plant Chemicals
  Radioactive Waste
Pool Chemicals
Rodent Killers
Rug & Floor Cleaners
Silver / Metal Polishes
Spot Remover
Toilet Cleaners    
Upholstery Cleaners    
Used Motor Oil    
Waxes / Polishes    
Weed Killers    
Window Cleaners    

Pricing subject to market change.
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